Founder’s Story


Humble Beginnings

robertjohnsonRobert W. Johnson, Sr., who went home to be with the Lord on August 5, 2004, started developing the concept for Sky Angel in 1980. Back then Johnson felt the Lord had impressed upon him the need for a Christian-owned and -controlled multi-channel television service capable of bypassing the “secular electronic media gatekeepers.”Robert W. Johnson, Sr. founded The Dominion Foundation in 1981. The goal of the foundation was to fund the production and aggregation of wholesome faith-based Christian content for kids and teens. Knowing that secular media was continuing to develop children’s programming away from important value lessons, Mr. Johnson established the foundation to assure Christian family values in media and entertainment would be protected.Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s, the Dominion Foundation remained true to its mission by collecting and creating unique children and teen’s programming that promoted Christian family values and taught Biblical principles.In 1999, the Dominion Foundation created its own 24-hour Christian television channel just for kids and teens – KTV- Kids and Teen Television. KTV offers life-changing programming with the hope to transform the face of an entire generation of children, which in turn will change our nation and our world.

Continuing the Cause

In this new era, the Dominion Foundation will continue to expand its reach by funding worldwide mission efforts and continuing to align itself with other like-minded Christian organizations and events. It will continue the vision of Mr. Johnson by helping to protect Christian family values in the home and spread the Gospel throughout the world.

This simple calling from the Lord on Johnson’s life was one from which he never wavered, steadfast in his obedience to that calling.